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All Sunday and Wednesday services are broadcast live.

모든 주일예배와 수요예배는 실시간 방송됩니다.

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Live Streaming Worship Times (All times are United States Eastern Time)

실시간 예배 시간 (동부시간을 기준으로 생방송이 송출됩니다)

1st Sunday Service 주일 1부 예배 8:00 AM / 2nd Sunday Service 주일 2부 예배 11:00 AM 한국/English -- Wednesday Service 수요 예배 7:30 PM 한국

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Elim Church Retreat Aug 30~Sep 4 2017

Updated 15 April 2018

Service 예배 Video Audio
1st Sunday Service 주일1부예배 20180415 20180415
2nd Sunday Service 주일2부예배 20180415 20180415
Wednesday Service 수요 예배 20180418w 20180418w
New Year Eve 송구영신예배 2017Eve 2017Eve
Service 예배 Audio Audio
Youth Sunday School  중고등부 성경공부 20180408yss
Korean Sunday School 어른(한어)성경공부 20180408kss 20180415kss
Fort Belvoir 목요 예배 20180405Thu 20180412Thu
Early Morning Service 새벽기도 20180418  20180419
Church Bulletin 엘림주보 20180408 20180415
The Spiritual Reality of Salvation 1, 2, 3          구원의 영적사실 1,2,3                       

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